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In The News! is proud to announce that it is now an official authorized reseller of Inkedibles and Yummy Art edible products.

Edible Inkjets and Edible Inkjet Printer inks

Here you can find the best deals and exceptional value on Edible Inks for food decoration. We carry a complete range of edible printing supplies for major brands with which you can produce computer designed images quickly and easily. These images are printed on edible paper, using an edible inkjets printer with our new Edible Inkjet Ink. The nice looking printouts can be placed on any cake or bakery product and this will enhance the look of your sweet treats.

Edible Inkjet Inks from our repertoire are all specially formulated food-grade, food coloring mix that is made to flow through specific edible inkjets printer and be printed onto edible paper. We supply a complete starter kit for your use including a new print head to ensure safety and no risk of contamination.

Edible Pens – the pioneer in designing and delivering edible pens, markers and edible inkjet ink by the name of Yummy Art, brings you the best in-line Edible inkjets and inkjet inks at wholesale prices. We offer you the best deals and the premium quality food decorating products to make your food products special and personalized. Come to us and you will get comprehensive range of authentically designed edible printing supplies for all top brands to produce creative and classy images and other printable material easily and in the quickest way possible.

Put simply our edible inkjet ink helps in printing images of your choice on edible paper through inkjet printer. Later, these images or printouts can be placed onto cake, pastry, goodies and other food products to personalize them or to make them very special for someone special. Edible inkjet ink are specially churned out food grade and food coloring mix that flow through specific edible inkjet printers. Come to us and you will get complete starter kit along with a print head to avoid any infectivity. Choose the best color and place your order.

Edible Ink Cartridges
Edible Ink Cartridges
Edible Printing Service
Edible Printing Service
Edible Ink Refills
Edible Ink Refills