Wafer Paper Or Icing Sheets: Which One To Use On Edible Cakes?

Food printers are the most fun invention in this generation and we offer the latest edible ink cartridges. We ensure that the ink cartridges we provide are carefully inspected before shipping so that every package leaves us to ship to you in pristine condition. We provide a variety of colors for Food printers ink cartridges.

All the solutions written in various articles and internet documents would solve 90% of the problems regarding the prints with the Edible Inkjet Ink. It is a complete myth that photo print setting will come out with highest quality on the icing sheet/wafer paper. Now, choose the ‘plain paper’ setting and simply choose ‘high quality’ option, and you’ll find the prints aren’t as photo printing that you were using earlier.

Some Of The Facts To Keep In Mind:

  • The icing sheet completely melts at the top of your cake but wafer paper does not.
  • Wafer paper is much cheaper than the icing sheets where a sheet of wafer paper costs in average of $0.15-$0.20. It is the cheapest option for edible paper on market.
  • Using icing sheet for cake decorating is highly recommended though because the frosting sheets bring down the aesthetic factor and sophisticated touch to your masterpiece.
  • Printed frosting sheet in total counting edible inks used will not cross $ 2.00 per sheet. So, it should not be a concern for cost in counting that printed image at the top of your cake is a major attraction point.

To get a full-fledged high quality edible print, you must ensure the correct printer settings. Do not print using the ‘photo printing’ setting. To get a really great quality if image, you must edit your photo before printing and lighten up the image, so that it can actually look normal. So, go to (Print> Properties > Main > Color/Intensity > Manual> Set), then adjust the brightness from there. To adjust the brightness, you can do it directly within the printer settings as the printers includes of the removable print heads for easy cleaning.When you’re out in the sun, don’t forget your healthy sun habits! Your gorgeous new tan doesn’t replace the need for a broad spectrum sunscreen like EltaMD UV Sport Water-Resistant Broad-Spectrum SPF 50. Apply and reapply sunscreen every 80 minutes, especially if you’re swimming or sweating. Kick back under an umbrella whenever possible, and always protect yourself with a hat, sunglasses and lightweight, long-sleeved clothing.