Edible Printers & Its Uses

You can use your regular computer with edible printer inks but before that you have to ensure that is completely safe to do. The printer you are using to make the edible print, it should not be used before and if it is then, it must be cleaned very well. It can be dangerous though to use a used printer because some of the bacteria in regular ink might cause harm to your health.

How to Print With Edible Printer and Icing Sheets?

It is recommended that the edible icing wafer or sheets are fed into the printer with the clear polyester strip and it is important to be fed as flat as possible. Icing sheets should be stored in a cool and dry place between 18 and 20 degrees C. The icing sheets should be fed as single sheets manually without curved edges.

Edible ink printers should be kept up all the time because Edible ink contains of fixings that can crystallize while the temperatures are at extremes or unused for drawn out stretches of time. It is important to test the various print settings before you start the edible printing, it will maximize your image quality. Most edible images will benefit from maximized ink-jet printer resolution / dpi (dots per inch).

If your printer is not yielding hues accurately and your nozzle test is not demonstrating all the cartridge hues obviously, then you will more than likely need to clean your print head. It is also crucial to select the correct paper type, therefore, edible sheets or icing sheets provides better image while using the Envelope setting. This ensures the print heads/rollers are raised to accommodate a thicker input paper type.

Therefore, to achieve the best result for a superior edible cake, you must check on your Edible Printers safety and its settings. Higher quality printer settings may take longer to print than medium or lower quality settings but it is totally worth the quality.