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In The News! is proud to announce that it is now an official authorized reseller of Inkedibles and Yummy Art edible products.
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Edible Ink Pens, Edible Inkjets and Food Markers

Ediblepens is a promising name in the food art industry for our innovative cake decorating products. We have launched state-of-the-art cake decorating products including- Edible Pens, Edible Inkjet, Edible Printers and Edible Printer Ink. Our ground breaking edible ink products add creativity and detailed designs on many kinds of foods. We take pride in bringing you the best in cake decorating products and enable you to create stunning picture cakes by putting any image onto food.

Use an Edible Pen to add fun and dazzling color to your kid’s birthday cake, or decorate on fondant, royal icing designs, pastries and cookies with our Edible Inkjet technologies. In short, you can simply flaunt your creativity in a delicious way. Get started with our range of edible ink pens and edible printer ink.

Flaunt the design of a very special cake, pastry and goodies by making them more attractive through smart edible inkjet technologies. Sounds silly, but the fact as we at Edible Pens brings you the best in-line series of cake decorating products that are sure to give a new and classy touch to any cake for the special event. Technically advanced Edible pens, Edible inkjet, Edible printers, Edible printer ink, etc are names a few to utilize for creative and unique designs on cakes, pastries and goodies.

Whether you want to design amazing pictures, name in stylish fonts, or want to put any image onto the food product, our Edible inkjet and ink are sure to fulfill your desire. Choose the best color and place your order for that gorgeous and delicious way of cake decorating. Edible ink pens and edible printer ink will let you make your kid’s birthday cake filled with fun and dazzling colors or make the wedding cake very special.

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